Tuesday, January 19

Berbatov views Grealish as best fit for Man Utd over Saul, Sancho

Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov wants to see Jack Grealish signed in the summer.

United are linked with several stars for the coming transfer window, with Jadon Sancho said to be at the top of their list.

But Berbatov thinks among those linked to the club, Grealish is the one who is the best fit.

Berbatov told BetFair: “Manchester United have been linked with Saul Niguez from Atletico Madrid again.

“For me looking at the situation, Pogba is back, Fernandes is there, they have McTominay who needs to play regularly because he’s young and is doing so well, Mata is there, Matic is there who is great at what he does and to put one more in the mix is only okay if you are going to use them and have them playing regularly because that transfer will probably cost a lot of money.

“In my opinion, I think they have enough quality in the team anyway, especially with Pogba coming back, but maybe Solskjaer has a different decision and he has decided that they need someone to strengthen there.

“There have also been reports about United being interested in Jack Grealish, last week Sancho was their top target, this week it’s Grealish, next week it will be somebody else.

“There are so many players associated with a move to United at the moment, it is a good thing I suppose and for the players it boost their reputation.

“I can see Grealish being a better fit at United than someone else, he is used to the Premier League and he is producing great goals and assists.

“But, he is similar to Fernandes, Pogba and Mata in a way and you don’t want too much similarity in your team.”

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