Thursday, March 4

#BBNaija: Teddy A Celebrates, BamBam Inspects Her Private Part After Toilet Sex

Earlier, we had shared a video clip which showed housemates, Bam Bam and Teddy A, really getting down in the toilet of the Big Brother house.

Well, another video has surfaced online and it shows the moment Teddy A came out of the toilet after hitting it with Bam Bam in the toilet – he looked quite accomplished and he couldn’t hide his satisfaction.

This is not the first time the duo will be getting down as on Saturday, after their weekend night party, horny BamBam and Teddy A frolicked, and apparently, had a quickie under the duvet.

Watch the video of Teddy A acting all accomplished below.

In another clip, BamBam could be seen inspecting her “private parts”.. Perhaps she was checking to see if it was swollen?? Or maybe she was just putting on her tampon?.. Recall some viewers of the show spotted her carrying a tampon after her fornication in the toilet with Teddy.

Watch video below;

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