Saturday, January 23

Another lady steps forward to accuse D’Banj of sexual harassment

A 2nd lady has bravely stepped forward to accuse DBanj of inappropriate sexual behaviour towards her.

Dbanj is still dealing with his first rape allegation which has now become a police issue and now has a 2nd one to contend with.

A lady took to Twitter amidst the bashing of DBanj and also dropped her story.

According to her, she once worked a music shoot with DBanj and he inappropriately groped her.

“I worked with this nigga before and he definitely made me feel uncomfortable on set,” Twitter user @Darkskindchk tweeted.

“Literally tried to grope my body up ! I was like wtf . This was when everyone was just chilling waiting on the director during a music video.” she added.

Whilst not a rape allegation it’s another allegation of sexual assault and DBanj better hope others don’t step up to tell more stories.

As we’ve seen with #MeToo, when the allegations start dropping in numbers then it’s game over.

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