American Rapper Juelz Santana Weds Before Heading to Prison

American rapper Juelz Santana weds longtime girlfriend Kimbella ahead of his prison sentence.

Juelz Santana proposed to his girlfriend Kimbella in November of 2018 at the Apollo Theater while performing alongside his Dipset brothers.American rapper Juelz Santana weds before heading to prison lailasnews 3

They had just dropped their Diplomatic Ties album, and the mood was right.

“This my lady. She’s been rocking with me for a long, long time,” Juelz told the theater audience.

“She stuck it out with a nigga through the ups and downs. I love you, baby. You’re my queen and I want to do this in front of everybody right here.”

Juelz Santana proposed while he was facing several years in prison for a gun charge. The Dipset rapper was traveling at Newark International Airport when TSA found a gun and prescription pills in his carry on.

Although many on the internet have questioned the timing of Santana’s proposal, he’s not worried about what other people think.

“If I was worried about someone taking her the [sic] I wouldn’t of did it,” wrote Juelz in a clap back comment on Instagram.

“If someone take ya lady, a ring ain’t gonna stop nothing. U jus gonna be out of a ring n a lady. What u saying makes no sense… Stay blessed tho fam.”

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