Wednesday, January 20

Ahmadiyya to hold regional conference in Warri April 12

Enahoro said dignitaries across religions and traditional rulers will grace the occasion as well as leaders of the Jama’at from the headquarters in Lagos, Abuja, Edo, Delta, Rivers and other states in the South-South and South-East geo-political zones, will attend the event.

The theme of the conference is: Recognition of God: A true means of salvation.

Ahmadiyya Jamaat is a 130-year-old religious organisation, known worldwide for preaching and promoting peaceful coexistence, tolerance, education and provision of social services including establishment of hospitals for the enhancement of human life.

The conference which will be held at MOM Civic Center along Airport Road, Warri shall include two segments. The first segment, he said, will be devoted to lectures on moral regeneration in our current decadent society, and peaceful co-existence among different faiths, while the second segment, the Economic Summit, will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 11am and would be tailored towards job creation, featuring presentations by a panel of successful business professionals on the various opportunities available in Nigeria that could generate employment for the youth.

The speakers have been selected based on their identified moral orientation and accomplishments in business, and would speak on the theme, albeit from their business perspective. They will be addressing the audience on the resilience that is required for a successful business in a dipping economy without compromising strict moral values and good virtues.

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