Saturday, January 23

‘Africans Are Disgusting, I Have No Respect For Africa’ – American Singer, IceJJFish

A Black American singer Ice JJ has opened up about his feeling towards Africans, whom he regarded as disgusting beings.

The controversial singer made this known via a post on his twitter page, where he berated Africans for being barbaric and serving diverse fake gods

He wrote:

I have no respect for Africa, you guys murdered countless of people because of clans, promote fake gods, promote sex without marriage. What good is there? U are disgusting people!

He then went further to blast black people for not showing love to one another

Black people are literally terrible people they don’t like to see their own people live life. They rather not see u exist.. wanting to fight for no reason because ur in their air space. Wanting to show off for the girls.

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