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Actress Ify Eefy Ike Speaks On #Xenophobia Attacks

Actress Ify Eefy Ike Speaks On #Xenophobia Attacks 

US based actress, model and entrepreneur, Ify Eefy Ike took to social media to share her concern over xenophobia attacks.

She wrote


I hesitated to address this ongoing issue of xenophobia in South Africa because it’s no longer news that the black South

Africans are looking for a weaker link to blame for their poor living condition post Apartheid. They own nothing and work

for minimum wages and mostly unemployed. Yes, instead of directing their frustrations towards the real robbers of their

destiny as a country, they choose to be attacking Nigerians and other Africans that are there making a living for themselves.

Let’s Analyze their claims of the other Africans taking jobs meant for them and committing all sort of heinous crimes from another perspective: has it ever occured to them that nobody under qualified will take a job meant for you in a normal circumstance. If you are not earning employment were it’s available, this indicates your limited capacity. Secondly citizens from other African countries tend to be more ambitious owing to their quest for a better life away from home. Criminals are in every society so South Africa can’t be exempted. Finally these Africans, just like you, have also been robbed and persistently raped of their material and spiritual wealth by both advanced countries and their very own mentally enslaved leaders.

We have all been victims but we ought to form the necessary synergy to emancipate our race from slavery. Our priorities must be clear and focused if we truly want to achieve our highest destiny! Get past your mental limitations and think outside your ‘mental box” as to how you and others can develop a plan that will achieve the goals that all free and thinking people should be able to attain.

Nigerians should return home to Nigeria, even though the living can be hard and many may not have a history to reconnect with. It’s better to be alive to find opportunities for a new life than remain in South Africa and risk being killed or burnt alive, as I’ve seen on videos in social media. Perhaps this will compel the seemingly uncaring Nigerian government to change their attitude. Maybe the citizens can be encouraged to uphold their civic responsibilities and take power away from government.

I think the focus for the returnees and Nigerian residents should be on seeking realistic solutions and implementing them accordingly. Drastic situations require drastic measures. Little to nothing can be achieved on social media with rantings by unwilling or ignorant and fearful youths. Used properly, it can be a positive force for healthy change but don’t rely on it or just read it and think the necessary action is going to be taken by the right people. In your own way, become an activist for positive change. Remember, for evil to triumph, good people only have let it happen!

May God help you all🙏🏾🐅🐆roar..

#IamAwalkingPicasso #EmpressOfMiami #AmbassadorOfHope #SageGoddess #LifeGuru

Lizard Skin bag by Eeefy

Blazer by Sonia Rykel

Pumps by Sergio Rossi

Lace top and leggings by Eeefy

Ring by Eeefy

Make-up and Styling by Eeefy





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