Saturday, January 23

Actress April Joju Muse Calls Out Director Kingsley Omoefe For Sexually Assaulting Her

Nollywood actress, April Joju Muse called out movie director Kingsley Omoefe.

She stated that Kingsley sexually harassed her and assaulted her.

She wrote;

‘Director kingsley omoefe… instead of you to apologise for your bad behaviour, youre sending that other shameless director to try to silence me.

Dint you molest me in your office when you casted me privately years back? Dint i turn the job you casted me for down? Dint you later come back after sometime to say you always have me in mind and have another job for me? Dint you beat me up on set of Crack in the wall ( the other job) and deliberately kill the character i was taking just because i refused to have sex with you

? Dint you say the only reason you gave me the role was because you wanted to have times with me, not because im talented? Dint i shout at you and walk you out of the hotel room several times?. Didn’t you start keeping malice on the set before your outburst of domestic violence?

The thing wey even pain me pass, this monster dint stop there, he spread my name around circles making it hard for me to get jobs, aspa mini god that he is. Made the producer of the project send me a rude text to leave his set without even wanting to know what transpire,i felt casted away, this big lipped smelling mouthed plenty saliva man now thinks he can box me to a corner, even when i didnt talk he still wants to resilience me to protect his image, mumu image wey you get, you dey use am exploit people and tear down,instead of to build up and help grow.

Director Kingsley, i dare you to say i lied, i dare you to send a petition to the police about me tarnishing your oppressive image. You can block jobs from coming in, using your loyal dumb immoral entities, im not scared of you or any other so called big shot oppresive director or producer. Just like times and seasons, you will all pass. And you all can never determine ill far ill soar on earth. Try it. Ild have left you alone, if you left me alone… but no. You feed off fear and oppression. Dah shit dont live here. ?????’

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