Saturday, January 23

Sorry, My Generation Has Lied To You Guys So Much – Yvonne Nelson Apologises To Younger Generation

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson in a statement on Saturday advised the younger generation as she urged them not waste their years focusing on others.

“Dont waste your years focusing on others! focus on yourself… on yourself…..educate yourself….get creative…..have time for yourself,” she said.

Yvonne Nelson urged them to focus on their education instead of following every trend that is not putting money in their pocket.

She said, “Its ok to follow a few trends here and there but dont be that person who always has to follow every trend! If it isnt putting money in your pocket, stop wasting your time.”

The actress went on to apologise to the younger generation as she stressed that her generation has lied to them so much.

Yvonne Nelson said, “I apologize to the younger ones. Sorry, my generation has lied to you guys so much….Pls stop being so hard on yourselves. You are beautiful,love yourself, believe in yourself and prioritize attaining a higher education…you’ll be proud you did.”

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