Model/Actress Tracy Obonna Goes Topless

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  1. Ezekiel Ibrahim

    Is this a modern way of fashion or craziness? She have really shows what she can offer as she lacks self esteem. This kind of woman can only attracts dogs and horses but not the real men. And what legacy is she leaving behind for posterity? God will sure deliver her one day.

  2. Capello

    Nudity is not it ladies, stop making it go viral we men are not blind in love we can see wella to us its disgusting. CHEERS

  3. Kamal

    No man will go and ask for your hand in marriage unless he’s the same thing like you. Nudity doesn’t bring attration, it only bring dirty thoughts. Keep it real and african ladies, we men will give you the respect you deserve. Kamal out.

  4. ewurama boateng

    dis is a big shame unto u.
    i dont noe e kind of morals u re teachin dis generations n ur kids.its natin gud to write to homr abt.a big shame unto .

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