Mercy Johnson looks so cheap and Mgbekerish-Emmy Collins


This is what fashion designer and critic Emmy Collins wrote about Mercy Johnson’s look above..,,Read below

Okay, so I got this from a reader this morning, “ehen small aproko …Emmy, I saw pics of Mercy Johnson looking tacky on other blogs and they tagged her sexy. I confuse o” My understanding of the mood of the author of this comment was that of someone gob-smacked by either a blatant lie or blatant ignorance.

Mercy Johnson looks so cheap here that if cheap were to be animated today, it would most definitely not want to be associated with Mercy Jonnson. Yes, she seemed so hideously dressed in that hideous dress (haha, playing with words, na me biko). I don`t even know where to start or end, the N3k tejusho dress, akpola shoes, the “mgbekerish” pose, the walls behind her(background), foot mat, et al, yet some blogger deemed it appropriate to tag this picture right here “sexy”. Kai, sexy don suffer ni. Abasi mbo, Chineke no n’eluigwe, Oluwa! What did we do to deserve this?

Okay, I know what we did. We became too hypocritical. I can imagine cheap (I mean animated version) blurting out words like – “abeg, abeg, I know say I cheap, but no be like that nah,kai! No put me near that cheap looking woman, biko” – when compared to Mercy Johnson in this ensembles of hers. On a very positive note, we should all be thankful to the almighty God/Allah that she didn`t venture putting on those sunnies in her hands, because if she did, kai, egbe for gas, lol.

More often than not, I wonder if these sort of classless half-baked celebrities that we are bedevilled with aren`t God`s idea of punishment for all the iniquities we commit against him daily. We have “afọ anu” celebrities that are ineffective in all spheres of life, be it politics, fashion, etc. Tell me a Naija celebrity that has influenced any fashion trend? Perhaps just about 2% of them have pet projects, except when they surround themselves with cameramen while visiting motherless babies homes. In another clime, these are supposedly the innovative bunch, but it’s sad that the last word a well meaning and well-informed individual would use to describe any Nigerian actress or actor today is “innovative”. How did we get here? It has become a nonsensical game of ‘please find out where Genevieve or Omotola has visited, me too I wan go there nah and make sure all the blogs will post the pictures’.”

Well, you guys know what I think about this image, what do you think?

Okay, Mercy, here is the deal. If you gonna be showing your mansion in Ajah, shouldn`t you be spending some dosh on your style as well?

PS: I concluded a long time ago that some bloggers must be on some cheap crack if they are gonna be seeing white and calling it black. I will only do my best to call them out when I can afford the time.


  1. Adekola Abidemi

    U ar only tryin 2 get attentions frm d public by downgrading d celebs. Lets c ur styles, den we knw who rocks it better

  2. Ezekiel Ibrahim

    Being a senior actress with a lot of respect from the public. I advise u ammend some of ur dressings to confuse more fans please.

  3. marie

    or whyl at a location, and in her costume, she was probably upset abt sumfin then sumbdy der decided to take her photograph nd it leaked??? av u thot of the possibilities

  4. marie

    i blive at one point in time or another, we must av been seen as stupid, immoral, unruly, weird, odd by different pple cos of their own definition to these things

  5. marie

    cos this is just one of the fins sum bloggers wud do just to b popular; trying to expose a celebrity in sum ways dat are unbelievable

    • Wendy

      Haba! What has talented Mercy done to deserve dz insult. Am sure ur sisters even ur girl fwnds don’t have that sexy curve. 1st Class Aproko, Mr expensive. Mtcheeeeew. Abeg Mercy u get mouth die. Luv u more….

  6. slybizzle

    Ma brother there’s somtin ur not observin d dress is a costume!!..d pix was taken on location durin a shoot, can’t u see Ramsey Noah in d background too…mchew!

  7. happyhood

    Mercy is talented whether cheap or cost;she depicts the character she acts at every point a time. If she likes,let her put on cloth that worts 200. She is great!

  8. DP

    Mr. EMMY CLASSLESS COLLINS it is only a classeless person that recognises one. Haba why looking for a way to feel better about yourself. You are throwing stones as if you are anyway better pls tell me what fashion trend have you influenced? what projects have you done? And you call yourself a fashion designer I have never even heard of your label. Am sure it sucks just like you. Maybe you need glasses to see that Ramsey Noah is in the picture and it is just logical to think that she’s on set/location. You will just open your mouth and be criticising others Joan Rivers wannabe (It doesnt suit an idiot like you). Attention Seeker!!! I cant even recommend you as a Fashion stylist not to talk of a designer. Anofia!!

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