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Home Celebs “Ladies have Tried To Use Charm On Me, It Didn’t Work” – Socialite & Club Owner, Pretty Mike

“Ladies have Tried To Use Charm On Me, It Didn’t Work” – Socialite & Club Owner, Pretty Mike

by dthata

Socialite and club owner, Mike Nwogu, aka Pretty Mike, has said he constantly markets himself on social media because he is an eligible bachelor and a choice husband material.
In an interview with Saturday Beats, the socialite maintained that he had an array of women around him who wanted him to leave his nightclub business to get married soon.
He said, “I call myself husband material because I am still a bachelor and I have to market myself for the ladies. I am just letting them know that I am a potential husband, though I am not easy to get. Kanyamata (sex herbs and potions) will not work on me. Some ladies have tried it but it did not work. I am friends with all the kanyamata sellers, so it would be a fruitless effort.
“Some people think I am a sex addict or that I jump in bed with women but they forget that I am in women’s business as a nightclub owner. My business makes me an entertainer and I cannot afford to be boring. I am not what people see on Instagram. I am not a randy man that would jump into bed with anything in skirt. People think I have a lot of lovers but I don’t. The stories people hear or believe about me make me popular and attract customers to my club. If I was a boring subject, people would not want to associate themselves with me. However, people are curious about my personality and it is good business for me.”
On when he would be getting married, Pretty Mike noted that he was waiting for God’s time. “When it comes to relationships, I don’t have anyone to flaunt. I find it hard getting into a serious relationship. It is not because I don’t want to but because the ladies are insecure. It is difficult to meet a genuine lady that loves me for who I am, irrespective of what people think about me. I believe God’s time is the best. Some of the ladies I have met want me to leave the nightclub business. But it is my source of livelihood and I cannot leave it to please anyone. The nightlife business means one would have a lot of women around one. They are the ones one would invite for parties and social gatherings and they would show up.”

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