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Creative Ways To Showcase Your Photos

by Czar Owolabi Marcus

The number of mobile subscribers in Nigeria reached 150 million, according to a report by Nigeria’s largest online retailer, Jumia. With the rise of technological advances for smartphones, everyone has become an amateur photographer, but usually we either leave the memories on an electronic device or post them on social media for everyone to see, and they’re not often adorning our own homes. Whether you want breathtaking pictures of Lola Omotayo-Okoye on the wall or choose photos of your family and friends, there are plenty of different ways to showcase your images around the home. If you want to get creative and bring unique photography to feature on your walls, here’s how to do it.

Mount a collection

Anything from having a collection of photos of your favorite Nigerian celebrity to your treasured family photos can be displayed by making a photo collage. You can do this either online or by printing the photos out and sticking them onto a board yourself if you’re feeling particularly creative. Choosing the online option will give your collection a slick finish in one massive frame for everyone to admire from a series of photos selected by you personally. Even if you don’t have many celebrity photos to produce a particular design, use images from social media apps to print out your most liked shots and make some unique wall art from them.

Decorate with frames

Whether you want to go for creating a walled gallery or use a more minimal approach, there are numerous ways to arrange frames around the home for decoration depending on your tastes and the decor of your rooms. If you like the vintage look, shop for old picture frames of differing sizes and get your photos blown up to fit the frame. Alternatively, use small frames to design a heart shaped gallery on your walls and show off your chosen images from art in Nigeria. The possibilities are endless, and you can even use old doors or window frames to hang up around your home for a really original way to display your photos.

Blow up with canvas

Using a canvas to exhibit your best-loved images is a great way to add some visual magic into your home. Imagine having a collection of beautiful Nigerian celebrities projected onto the wall of your home! Opt for transfering a photo onto a canvas yourself, or choose to have it professionally made. Either way, you’re likely to have a fantastic wall display that would look equally at home inside an art gallery. If you like the idea of arranging a selection of photos, you can have numerous canvases of the same size to make up a collection by creating a symmetrical arrangement.

Whichever way you decide to display your photos, it’s likely to boost your mood when you see your beautiful images on show, so be inspired, and start looking for great photos to exhibit around your home for everyone to admire.

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