Friday, November 27

Accident At Abule-egba Head Bridge Along Lagos-Ibaddan Expressway (Photos)

It all happened when a Mark failed brake and the driver lost control of the heavy duty truck causing it to collide with a mini van which sped into another truck moving at a slow pace due to traffic jam.

The mini van got stuck in between the two trucks, the scene was an eye sore as the mini van was squeezed together with the driver, passerby already concluded that the mini van driver was dead due to the condition of the bus, although, the two trucks were left in their good conditions leaving only the mini van crushed into pieces of metals.

People around that area including Passerby rushed to the aid of the van driver, the struggle to bring the driver out wasn’t an easy one despite the number of able bodied men that came out to help, honestly it was moment of suspense as everyone wasn’t sure of what to expect, some believed he was dead while some argued that the driver will survive it but the later was the case, the driver was brought out alive but was left in a very bad state, one of his leg was broken the other swollen.

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